What Makes Millennials Tick

Millennials, sometimes known as Generation Y, are the age group that spans the birth years 1980 to the early 2000s. This generation is the first to truly live and work online. They communicate on social media faithfully and round the clock. Constant online interactions also make this generation feel integrated into their community, whether that’s a group of friends, followers or co-workers. Accustomed to transparency, they both express their individuality and gauge others’ reactions online — holding both themselves and others accountable for progress.

Millennials At Work
How do these traits translate into the workplace? For one, companies can expect Millennials to embrace — even demand — the digital tools that facilitate the need for individual expression, accountability, transparency and team collaboration.

Success at work is about proving your worth to the team and the project. Millennial’s excel at information sharing and individual expression. This priority on communication in the workplace decreases work redundancy at the same time as it values individual effort. Increased and more productive communication strengthens teamwork in such a way that employees maintain greater focus on common goals.

Not only that, social media culture is designed around an interest in the activity of other users, and this makes Millennial’s adept collaborators. This interest in the social context lends itself to stronger, more coherent working relationships. Corporations will increase accountability and productivity when they give Millennial workers online voices that showcase effort and, in turn, add clarity and focus to the team.

Source: Wired.Com

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