How Business Works

Fledge creates a user experience that transforms social networking for Business Professionals, providing you a Business Omni-Channel that connects you with your most important business contacts, co-workers and customers in Live-Time. Order a Car from Uber or make a Restaurant Reservation, all from one app. Fledge allows you to create your own Private Business Network (PBN). No more Big Brother monitoring you and oh yeah, you can use this app at work too! Most importantly, fledge is the first app that acutally connects you, with business people, that you don’t know yet – who needs that! Fledge provides instant access to finding, meeting and connecting you with other business people – that can help you accelerate your business. We like to say, if you’ve joined Fledge, you’re now in Live-time, if you’re a Fledger, you’re a RockStar and if you’re Fledging, you’re Accelerating Your Business.

Source: Fledge Connect, Inc.

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